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As lawns grow older and sustain wear and tear through everyday activities, soil compaction can, and often does result. When the ground becomes compacted, pore space (which normally contains oxygen and vital nutrients) is greatly reduced.  Grass roots require a steady intake of oxygen, water, and nutrients to grow.  When the ground is compacted, it makes it difficult for the roots to take hold in the soil, thus stunting, if not completely eliminating growth.

    Our aeration service involves the removal of small soil plugs or cores out of the lawn. We do most aeration mechanically having hollow tines extracting ½ to ¾ inch diameter cores of soil. Aeration plugs are generally 2-3 inches deep and 3-6 inches apart.


The benefits of aeration

  • Improving the  root system
  • Improving fertilization performance
  • Improving turf tolerance to heat and drought
  • Improving circulation of water, nutrients and oxygen in the soil.

We recommend aeration as a great service in helping sustain a healthy lawn. If you would like to know more about aeration just let us know, we are happy to answer any questions you may have.