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Fertilization & Weed Control

Fertilization and weed control
 A healthy lawn not only looks great, but also means a better root system to combat the heat, cold, drought, foot traffic, and other stresses. Our fertilizer and weed control applications contain the vital nutrients that grass needs to grow thick, lush and healthy. We use different blends depending on the season, and recommend three or four applications throughout the year for best-lasting results.

  • Early spring
  •  Late spring/Early summer
  • Summer/ Late summer
  •  Late summer/Early fall

Fertilization – Fertilizers come in two different forms, granular and liquid. We use a granular fertilizer, as it insures a longer-lasting, more even distribution on your lawn. When the fertilizer is spread, it usually takes around 24 hours before it begins to work. This delayed process occurs because the granules are coated, slowly releasing the fertilizer over time.
Weed control – When fertilizer is applied to your lawn, not only will the grass grow, but also weeds! If only fertilizer is used, eventually weeds can germinate and over-run your lawn. Immediately following our fertilization application, we thoroughly apply a trusted weed control solution to kill the weeds.

We are fully licensed and certified. We stand behind our product, but if for whatever reason you are unsatisfied, we will re-apply at no cost. That’s our commitment to you.