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Power Raking & Dethatching

Over time, little bits and pieces of grass die and gather just above the soil.  This is called thatch. Power raking is the process of removing thatch build-up in the grass. Because thatch retains water and moisture, some of it can be good for your lawn. Often though, it can build up too fast and not be broken down naturally by microbes in the soil. Too much thatch chokes the grass, robbing it of nutrients as they cannot reach the soil anymore. This can lead to thin, wispy grass and in some cases lawn disease if not addressed properly. 
Our power raking service includes the following

  • Using machines to bring thatch to the surface
  • Mowing, trimming and bagging of thatch
  • Blowing clean all concrete areas when finished. 
  • Disposal of clippings and thatch

Dethatching is similar to power raking but is a quicker less expensive service that is accomplished by using fixed tines on the front of our mowers.  In many cases it can be an effective solution to reduce thatch build-up of your lawn. It uses a little bit gentler approach than that of power raking, doing a little less in-depth thatch pick up.
Our Dethatching package includes –

  • Thatch removal with tines on front of mowers.
  • Mowing, trimming and  bagging of thatch
  • Blowing clean all concrete areas when finished.      
  • Diposal of clippings and thatch

Both power raking and dethatching can be an effective solution depending on the circumstance. If you would like an opinion just ask us, we are happy to inspect for you and give our recommendation. 
Both services are available only for a short time in the spring and fall, so please call in advance to schedule a visit.